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Hurricane season is June 1 – November 30. Plan Now.

Hurricanes cause high winds, tornadoes and landslides, but their deadliest hazard is flooding. Tropical storms and depressions can be just as dangerous. Learn about hurricane formation, storm history and climatology.

Hurricane Tiered Evacuation Zones

On June 1, 2017, Virginia launched new tiered evacuation zones for coastal Virginia developed in close cooperation with local emergency managers throughout Hampton Roads, the Northern Neck, the Middle Peninsula, and the Eastern Shore. These zones are based on the most up-to-date engineering data for the region.

The zones are designated A through D and will provide residents with a better understanding of whether they should evacuate in an emergency or shelter at home, based on their street address and the nature of the emergency event.

Avoiding unnecessary evacuation travel will reduce traffic congestion, promote highway safety, and lessen overcrowding at storm shelters. The new zones enhance the current evacuation plans and routes already designated in coastal Virginia.

When a serious storm is expected to impact Virginia’s coastal region, state and local emergency managers will work with local news media outlets that will broadcast and publish evacuation directives to the public.

What do residents need to do for the new tiered evacuation zone plan–it’s simple. You just need to Know Your Zone. To find out which zone you live (or work) in, visit

The Know Your Zone website displays a detailed, interactive, color-coded map showing the new evacuation zones. People can use the new map to view a “big picture” of the region or zoom in to their neighborhood. Users can enter their address in a search bar to see their designated evacuation zone. You can also learn more about the zones at

Inland flooding

Inland, tropical storm systems can cause flash floods that develop in a matter of minutes.

  • Inland residents should be just as prepared for flooding as their coastal neighbors.
  • Residents living inland should know where to go if ordered to evacuate.
  • Know ahead of time where your family should go to find higher ground.
  • To prepare for hurricane season, you should follow the simple steps to Get a Kit, Make a Plan, and Stay Informed

Be ready. Be willing to help.

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